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by fitcakesjuliebeatrice

Peas and Crayons


breakfast was this whole box of cranberry reese’s& 63% chocolate chips banana bread, so yum that i just can’t stop!!! oh and yesterday i forgot to add “seven drops of vanilla stevia” to the recipe, please remember to add that:)Image

the melty chips are so good but i felt super headache after the chocolate chips so i thought i will never buy that anymore…maybe keep on reese’s chips only because they at least have 3g protein in one serving:)Image

for lunch i had one cup of reese’s chips, and for tea time(jenn said we have to snack!:P) i ate three small apples before going to bowling game with my japanese teacher:) auntie and mom came too and i got 35 for the first ten , then 65 for the second round!!!


for dinner i ate veggies with oil and three apples, and watched a tv program then return to my room because brother has came back and i have to chat with him:)Image

after chatting, i roast some chickpeas with twenty six drops of vanilla stevia and some cinnamon, but it was a failure. it was too dry and becoming too small, as this time i use dry chickpeas(soak and cook) instead of canned ones. canned ones are much tastier and soft:)Image

i ate half a cup of reese’s chips for night snack and guess why!?Image

yes~!jenn told us!!!:)