pics loaded:P

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


i just want to play a game before posting some more new recipes, as i again invented so many good stuffs!!!:)Image

apple or banana,

apples for meals and snack, but definitely banana for baked goods, if i HAVE TO choose, apples.

granola or protein bars,

i lived on these which are store-bought for nearly a year, yes, lived on, not having any other food as my AN mind affects.

now i make my own homemade ones, and if i have to choose…





molasses or stevia,

yes i know somebody says stevia will cause cancer, but not doubt, never choosing molasses:P

beef or chicken,

chicken i think, though my chinese doctor says i need beef for making blood, my “protein-first” mind never changes…i still want a 130kcal chicken sausage with a whooping >10g protein:)Image

running or bowling,

for me, running is my favorite exercise, however, these days were too hot and so i chose bowling with friends and relatives, and later i’ll go golf with a japanese teacher:)Image

brother or mother,

yes i’m sorry i have also thought about this, and i can conclude I’M NOT IN LOVE WITH MY BROTHER, just that, he’s the smartest person in my family so i like to chat with him, not much words expressed is needed:)Image

and sorry i have to add this,

AN or binge,

definitely AN, see how fat i am now, you’ll know how i hate binge eating disorder…but slim girls reading this please don’t push yourself to AN, that didn’t feel good too, same as stressful as binge eating disorder, and when i’m in those days, i really want to suicide:(