apple choc chip banana protein bars:)

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


anyone heard of JAMIE EASON? she’s the inventor of BODY BUILDING PROTEIN BARS, kinda like how toneitup invented TIU PANCAKES, oh yum.Image

i used banana this time while i didn’t want to waste money on BABYFOOD of berries or apples, so i mashed up ripe banana and add into the wet ingredients for mixing.Image

i didn’t really follow the recipe and actually made lots of changes for suiting my own kitchen and bought-ingredients…yes i am on my money saving project!!!:)Image

i add chocolate chips which is 63% chocolate, though i had reese’s peanut butter chips too, i decide banana matches chocolate better than with peanuts. this one has higher calorie than jamie eason’s ones, oh but mine was BRILLIANT:)


i used sun warrior vanilla protein powder which had stevia already, also the banana will add some more natural sweetness, so i didn’t add additional stevia on this:)Image

at the beginning i decide to mash up half an apple for extra applesauce, however the machine seemed quite sick and it turn out making some chopped apple cubes, so that’s it~! apple cubes and chocolate chips in a banana cake which’s high protein of vanilla stevia flaovr!!!:) sounds definitely yum too!!!Image

i add namaste sugar free flour and extra baking powder with hognson mill’s flax seed pancake mix for the flour part and they turned out moist and soft that when the cake just came out from the oven, i really worried that they can’t be like bars form but instead become a pudding, which taste will be the same, but i really don’t want that:(Image

and yeah hey!!! this is everything perfect, firm but moist, banana-y but chocolate-y, SO NICE for night snack or breakfast!!!:) try that out~!!!!