freezing tofu dessert:)

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


yeah hey!! today i don’t have recipe to share, because my friend brought me to an island in hong kong and i met some new friends too!!!


suki, who wore red-t-shirt, waited for rebecca and me in citysuper@IFC, then we went straight forward to the ship to CHEUNG CHAU!!!:) Henry cheung was waiting for us near mcdonald’s, and we had some fish balls noodles and chat for a walk.


around tea time, we went for freezing desserts and we finally arrived for two MANGO PANNA COTTA, one cold tofu dessert, and one black jelly panna cotta. as i’m not eating dairy/gluten, i only ate my own order, which’s the tofu one, and my friends shared their ones.Image

i leave at 5:30pm because i have to attend a talk held by chinese university, i arived there a bit earlier but didn’t start eating my apple because i’m not quite hungry.Image

after the talk which was brilliant, i went to mcdonald’s with brother and mom, while i enjoyed one red apple with skin, and one box of apple and orange fruit mix salad:) yum!!Image