protein cereal:) yes! homemade cereal!

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


one scoop and a half of sunwarrior vanilla protein powder with three tablespoons of coconut flour, plus one third of chobani plain, mixed with stevia and cinnamon, and baked in unpreheated oven until firm.

off the fire but leave the pan inside the oven and crack the cereal into pieces, viola~:)Image

of course when u see holes in the pan, i made stevia-cinna-ed chickpeas again!!! this time i add more cinnamon and rinse the chickpeas less times and they result in crunchier and darker!!!:)Image

the cereals tasted exactly like sunwarrior, but just a bit cinnamon-y and textured like cereal,Image

but still a bit chalky for me without any fruit puree or babyfood kind of thing. maybe yogurt just do exactly what i want as egg white or fruits!!!:(


so sad i’ve asked katie that 14 eggs are costing $16, while citysuper is selling ALL WHITES for more than $55…so buying whole eggs are still cheaper, but i felt so bad.Image

what i wanna say is becuz when i used six egg whites in my fluffy oats(recipe comes later in future post), i saved those six egg yolks up and decided to cook for my mom and brother,Image

for half hollandaise sauce in poached black cod and for half vanilla creme brulee. sounds good, but the bad things come.

at night i dreamed about my mom yelling at me saying i must be sent to the hospital naming anorexia, becuz i ate all the egg whites but leaving all the fatty yolk for them,

in the dream,

the doctor even said giving fatty foods for others is a sickness and need immediate hospitalization.


and i woke,

and threw away the yolks,