sweet and sour prawn stir fry

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


after lots of sweets in my life, sometimes i really need something savory, salty or even,



today i made balsamic vinegar prawn stir fry, which turned out SURPRISINGLY good which i can say it’s even better than all prawns i’ve eaten in my life.Image

for the brown sugar part, i added quite a lot stevia, as i really added A LOT of vinegar as i loved the taste so much, i read the ingredients and it was made with grapes, lovely.Image

salt and pepper is an of-course, and i add onion first, then three colors bell peppers, and lastly it comes with cut prawns, which turns from transparent to reddish orange beautifully when fully cooked.Image

it was so good and i can’t wait to finished up half the dish which i actually planned to enjoy it the next day.Image

it was flavorful, and the everything mix up with their flavors and i can’t taste the stevia-after-taste like when i add it into cakes or yogurt mess.


i think i can add this recipe into a stevia-recipes-stable!!!:) you have to try this!!!Image