fluffy pillow oats for breakfast

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


ok. yes u’r right. 

u did see some rolled oats and oat bran, in the same photo:)Image

fluffy oats finally comes!!!

instead of carrot shred with raisins, i add chopped three colors bell peppers, hehe, just for making it lower calorie:)Image

i use cinnamon to make three layers, like a dessert tiramisu, and sprinkled LOTS on the top, hehe again just for my liking:)


yes this is what made me having a bad dream, those SIX EGG WHITES. plus one third cup of rolled oats from bob’s red mill, one third cup of oat bran for more protein and fiber:)Image

lots of water added to boil all the ingredients and yes it’s that easy! the most difficult part is just how to find so many egg whitrs left from home,


u can cook yolk omelet for your brother, or vanilla creme brulee for your mom, or even hollandaise sauce for your father’s poached salmon on wheat toast:)Image

i loved the taste of this successful fluffy oats but i don’t think i can encore becuz yes, i’ve mentioned, egg whites are too hard to be found:(


the protein really made me full this time, not like the usual protein powder/greek yo-inventions, as i’ve counted, really, three egg whites per bowl(half of this box)contains…WOW~! is it 18g protein?!!!!!! so good!!!Image

the first time i ate it luk warm while it’s worse than the second time, i microwaved it until really hot, and it’s so tasty like a real omelet!!! as i worried about oily eggs in restaurants, this invention contains egg but without all the oils!!! so nice and healthy:)