grocery houl!!! yeah hey:)

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


i used hk$48 for the peanut butter while i used hk$36 for reese’s chips~!:*( SO EXPENSIVE!!!Image

the first thing i did after returning home was of course eating nearly one third of the bad of reese’s chips and it was SO GOOD that i definitely would buy it immediately after finishing this bag:)Image

the peanut butter will expire in the date of my birthday, 22 feb, but just when i left HK!!! ok. i confess,” i will of course finsh it before going to study:)


this flavor is lowest in calorie, than maple, honey or even chrunchy or creamy~:) but this is not the reason i chose this…the reason is simply i’m a chocoholic~!:)<3Image

i checked on the price of all butters to make hollandaise sauce but finally can’t get any, becuz they’re all REALLY TOO EXPENSIVE:(


oh i found something really good!!! egg whites in a milk bottle with more than 30 egg whites, just around $50~~~~i want that so much but as my mom was next to me and she hates seeing me “eating healthy”, i put it down but i’ll surely buy that next time when i pass by:)Image

i bought a hk$16 brownie named so special,”Chocolate Fudge Brownie”, frankly i didn’t ever eaten FUDGE before, but i understand what’s the meaning…:)Image

it means CREAMY, SILKY, RICH, and conclud-ing-ly FUDGE-Y!!! yes i used the same word cuz no other word can be as fudge as FUDGE!!!:)


the girl only gave me a tissue without any wooden folk or spoon, but that’s OK becuz i ate it at home with my own silver spoon. loveliest one:)


the oil of brownie went down to the tissue and showed me how oily the brownie is while i maybe ONE WHOLE YEAR not really how eating oil, as i really substitute it with applesauce or yogurt or mashed banana or egg whites!!!Image

so?! see how it goes?!!!!:) when i oped the packet, lots of cocoa powder fell off the paper, as i mashed the brownie up a bit when travelling back home with lots of people on the road.Image

i will tell you the taste of it and here i’ll only tell you what’s its appearance:)Image

you can see the brownie separate into several parts as the oily-touching-paper part is only forming a line instead of the whole thing sticking onto the paper… check out the next post to see what it tasted like!!!<3Image