oops~! snacky high calorie day:P

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice

Peas and Crayons

it’s WIAW time again~!:)


after applying the visa with mom, she went to visit her chinese doctor and left me in admiralty:(

i went to THE PETIT CAFE(i’ll make a separate post later for review)for my first time and bought sth cheapest, then went home and watch TV.

i ate two tubs of chobani strawberry(both only hk$9 instead of the usual price hk$17) as i was super hungry WITHOUT BREAKFAST before the visa apply, so here comes 280kcal.Image

yes and i enjoyed the DELICIOUS PERFECT chocolate brownie(hk$16)(i’ll make a review later) super fast with peanut butter & co. dark chocolate dream(everyone calls it DCD), nearly one fourth a jar:PImage

after FOUR MINI APPLES(yes i really love apples like what i’ve said, i really ate four apples with my one tv program), then i roast a can of chickpeas with stevia and cinnamon without oil or sugar, and accidentally ate them all!!!:(Image

dinner was a bunch of veggies and i can’t stop myself to eat more peanut butter!!!:P

Q: Do you eat brownies in REAL bakery?:)