“An irresistible combination of Chocolate and Espresso”

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


what impressed me quite a lot is their service, which as i read the reviews on web, while dining sin cake inside restaurant will be serve with a strawberry and raspberry sauce,Image

they really did give me the same thing too in a safe-enough-paper-bag with everything separate so the moisture will not harm any of one component.Image

i know they’re famous for their crab cake and Chocolate Molten Cake, but both are over a hundred dollars so i just order the sin cake this time for a try:)Image

the top layer was really as shiny as mirror, which should be containing quite a lot of fat to be that texture, and it was quite a bit too sweet for my liking as usual cake shop, also bit too melty and liquid-y.Image

then it comes to the second layer which was so much thicker, a milky-y chocolate mousse, also quite so sweet, but the milky taste surely covered the chocolate, but it was so nice having a strong wine flavor, or what i wanna say is it actually “chock”s me down which made me coughing before i notice this was the “wine-layer”!!!Image

the strawberry was so large, juicy and fresh, which’s even sweeter than what i can buy, but it was obviously not the long stem ones, but still so good and tasty.


oh and third layer was again as thin as the top layer, but super dark, and if the whole thing was with this “low” sweetness, i can would give this a full mark. i love this layer for the dark-chocolaty and the texture too, which’s a but more harder for a mousse, SO SCREAMINGLY good!!!Image

fourth layer was thick again, lighter and again, sweeter (oh gosh what happen!!! why hongkonger loves sweetness so much???), but still good being just a part of the cake as the coming layer was good enough to balance it up:)Image

the last layer was much more cake-y now i can finally call it a cake, sponge-y and brownie-y texture, and most importantly, the COFFEE part comes!!! it was bitter, crispy of coffee granules, so good~~~:)Image

though the coffee part was bitter, the whole thing was still near a sweet fudge state which’s not so “SIN” enough with too little coffee. but the wine was quite an enough:)Image

if there’ll be more coffee, i would buy it for everyday’s breakfast for a wake up call!!!:) a must try for you~~:)<3Image