fake orange on milky-“light” and rich “fudge”

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


after buying some chocolate peanut butter from citysuper in harbour city, suki and i went to yomama to have something cool:)


usually girls like green tea and original flavor froyo there, but they have dark chocolate flavor today so that became our first choice!!!:)


i gave suki hk$20 for being the one who choose the topping and sharing half the cup of froyo, for a large size froyo which’s hk$36 with one topping.Image

yomama is inspired by the fro-yo craze throughout California and then then NYC and London, which is actually the same company of Triple O’s in Hong Kong. though i’ve never tried hamburger there, i do always go to yomama!!!:)Image

regular size froyo was hk$29 which only includes 1 topping:( except usual toppings like fresh fruits and granola, they also have marshmallow, oreo bits, shaved chocolate, sprinkles, homemade mochi, Red Bean, Sesame-Flax Mix, Hand Toasted Coconut, Brownie Chunks, Crunchy Orange Almond Flake and Praline…etc:)


i want red bean, or strawberry, or even chocolate, or maybe brownie…blah blah blah…actually i want everyone of them, but lastly i took poppyseed cake becuz i love cinnamon so i usually can’t spend any money on poppyseed:(


the large cup this time is actually coming a bit less than usual which is so sad, but the chocolate froyo was still as good as usual, which’s SUPER CHOCOLATE-y like ice cream,Image

while the original was too milky which’s not as FROYO-y like what i want:(Image

i think brownie comes with froyo becuz brownie is on its ow fudge-y, so though when it touches froyo and ice itself, it’s still good.

however when it comes to the poppyseed cake, it was bad.


the poppyseed cake was artificially flavored with orange oil, but with NO orange zest at all, and the cake was not pound cake texture nor sponge cake texture:( i was so disappointed.Image