gluten allergy

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


i know this’s boring for you all, but whatever, this’s still my blog so can i do what i want?:) yes here comes my gluten allergy report again.


after several weeks eating egg, yogurt and chocolate chips/peanut butter chips containing whey, i found myself no problem at all to dairy and eggs any more.Image

i haven’t tried any salmon nor tuna yet, but this chocolate sin cake do contains gluten so it suggested that i am ok to gluten too!!!! of course not straightly bread with loads of flour, this’s a low gluten cake.Image

i sometimes still suddenly sleep a lot which is actually fainting becuz of the gluten/dairy thing, but i not yet find out when i can have them and when i will faint.Image

i really feel bad after froyo actually, stomach clearly feeling freezing and pain, so regular yogurt will be the at most i can take, i think.


for protein, i add in a lot of turkey and seafood to replace protein powder, as i wanna eliminate bananas in my diet as they’re kinda making me wanna eat lots and lots.Image

i think i’ll keep eating chocolate cake, becuz they’re less making me unsatisfied like chocolate or chocolate chips. and also i’ll try more different cakes except chocolate-ty ones,Image

like wine-y and coffee-y, becuz i can’t make them at my own home. i’ll make less pancakes and muffins, so i’ll not have the chance to binge on them,Image

and also i want to stop my nuts addiction by locking them away, they really hurts while making me OBVIOUSLY fatter and fatter that i can’t look at myself in the mirror.Image

i now think I AM TOTALLY DISGUSTING when i look at the mirror. i only do bowling now, not even any running, but i guess i’ll add some tennis later, and yes, my goal is to eat more cake, you don’t need to rub your eyes:)Image