happy day starts with sin:)

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


so? saw this souffles and wanna break your computer now? hold on~! i’ll share this recipe to you all lovely guys on my next post!!!:)


i wanna share my today life here first…:)Image

i woke up at eight AM so i took the rest of the sin cake in my fridge and FINALLY tried it with the raspberry sauce.Image

what i can say is, the raspberry sauce was totally not for the sin cake becuz the sin cake was not “SIN” enough to be sour-ed by the raspberry sauce,Image

while the raspberry sauce was on its own refreshing and yes, not sweet but sour enough, real in fruity taste instead being like usual medicine kind of syrup:)Image

the sin cake was better for the coldness today while it was took out immediately, it was much firmer, and more like mousse which i actually prefer sth fudge-ier.Image

the wine was less infused, but still clearly occupy the second mousse layer, which’s still lovely-y chocking, as lovely as wine-y tiramisu:)


and maybe the freezing time was longer than yesterday’s tasting, the coffee layer got really wet and less tasty without the texture-y stuffs there.Image

but overall this sin cake is still to be die for, while really, the cake can be take out for the room temperature for a while instead of wanting that immediately enjoyment,Image

and here important, I WANT MORE STRAWBERRY, that fat juicy little girl is so much better whenever i can buy!!! so nice:)