souffle-look-protein muffins!

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


today i watched two films which i wanna share:

Law Abiding Citizen & Underworld: Awakening


the first one was about a dad planning for a revenge, but i hate the ending becuz he died at last, but i support him for his every act,


good filming techniques and nice sounding which not too noisy during “bomb”s, ugly part darkened enough so i watched it without skipping parts nor off-ing the music.Image

the second one was too a bit blue-y, bit worse for the techniques, relying on old boring style used in most movies. disappointing one but still, i love the story, quite interesting:)Image

oh and i didn’t forget to share the recipe of this souffle-look-protein muffins!!! here it comes:)Image

sun warrior vanilla protein powder

three tablespoon coconut flour


stevia in black pepper-ed apple cubes

caramelized banana slices

baking powder and salt

as much egg whites as you can find:P

bit of mashed banana til the mixture was like added enough milk/butter:)


four muffins baked with microwave for nearly four minutes and one muffin really baked in oven for 200oC fifteen minutes.


i do recommend the microwave style becuz they rise more which giving a fluffier texture and i dunno why, moister too:)


try this and top your muffins with the un-used cooked fruits with maybe a scoop of full fat fromage frais, ENJOY your protein-y late night dessert before bed!!!:)Image