Gianduja chocolate tart, dolce 88, disappionting

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


today i went to JW dolce 88 and i’ve promised to make a post, here it comes!!:)

i never expect there’ll be such a beautiful fridge with different yogurt cups, fruit salad(hk$38, wow!!!) and juices, sandwiches.

i guess i would love to try the granola berries yogurt cup instead of the other two as i don’t like mango  at all.


as every items are all hk$48, i would never order strawberry shortcake in cup dessert form, but i LOVED to try tiramisu and chestnut creme cup next time.

maybe during half price between 8:30pm~9:00pm, i wanna date someone to go with me!!:)


they have several new items today, like opera cake and blueberry mousse cake,

but as i hate special shape cakes like that signature vanilla strawberry cake or that heart shape blueberry mousse, so i did choose one new item which’s the opera slice, and one stable, chocolate tart.


the plastic bag was same as the mandarin hotel’s version, and the box was also less beautiful.

what i mean was, yes, it did show some modern feelings, but it was so difficult to be opened,then the paper texture will make lots of ugly lines, you can’t really reuse this box then:(


two cakes was hk$96, while the ladies did use stickers for trying their best to make the two pieces of art stay well back home, 

unfortunately, they really broke, yes my heart broke at the same time, so sad.Image

eating is like love? maybe, for sift’s cupcakes and pastries and also LGB’s cakes and macaroons. sorry, i can tell you guys now,

none of the cakes i chose was satisfying, not by mean of hunger level, just by state of tastiness, this is REAL SAD u know that?!:( a cake shop making disappointing cakes.


i love this pic becuz it shows my hand such thin, but the reality is i am such a big fat bitch who still buy cakes for such a treat.

TREAT for a pig?


i believe they changed their recipe for the chocolate tart, as what i read from the reviews from internet was saying the top was a truffle texture truffle taste thing, 

but what i got was totally a chocolate cream,Image

whipped cream texture whipped cream taste. sad, even out of chocolate-ty, just SIMPLE WHIPPED CREAM is what i got:(

and as the name was with “Gianduja”, i do expect only hazelnut, but what surprised me was it contains not only that, but also with PISTACHIO AND PUMPKIN SEEDS!!!Image

as i ate it at mid night two o’clock, i am OK if everything is mushy. but i got fresh mixed nuts and CRISPY biscuit base!!!:)

i do love the chocolate tart base, crispy, easy to be cut off, but will not broke into small dust, real good technique!!!


continue on next post:)