quite a loser—some wrong changes

by fitcakesjuliebeatrice


can i say total disappointment just becuz of the high price hk$48 each? Gianduja hazelnut tart, which i really got high expectation on it, so bad.

Gianduja is a hazelnut-infused preparation of chocolate. those hazelnut pieces on the tart provided a crispiness which obviously let me think of Ferrero Rocher, but what for to pay hk$48 for that then? 


i love the appearance of the opera cake as it’s ORIGINALLY so modern with the two STANDING chocolate thins, squeezed in a golden shining line(i can’t taste any special, just some visual creativity i think).Image

opera is well known with almond cake mixed with coffee(espresso is a must? i’m not quite sure), with coffee buttercream and chocolate ganache layers.

so to be clear, tiramisu is loved by me becuz of the wine and opera was REAL LOVEd by me becuz of the coffee. true statment this is.


chocolate thins were nice, thin is not easily melted with a right sweetness, but the opera was WAY TOO SWEET, so sweet that i think i did eat some real sugar which’s not yet melted,Image

while the coffee infused into almond cake and coffee buttercream were at the same time without any espresso-y taste and giving such a sugar-y taste.

really feel like scooping spoonfuls of sugar into my mouth.Image

the chocolate ganache is still smooth enough, rich but still too sweet, as i ate it quite right from the fridge, the whole cake was quite so harder than usual opera, 

like cutting the cake with a bit of strength. ENERGY NEEDED!?Image

back to the tart, the second mouthful was so much different. no longer like Ferrero Rocher, but still not good, the layer between chocolate ganache and chocolate tart base was what i got on top of the tart, CREAM. yuck!!!! what the hell is the chef thinking? cream in tart and top if tart?Image

i am really angry about why the chef have to change their formula to a lighter version. people choosing chocolate tart NEEDS a rich chocolate tart.

a fat football boy doesn’t want three pieces of carrot shreds. Image

way too light for the texture of cream, while the taste is not at all rich with too much sweetness, not at all the theme of chocolate tart,

but the chef did play on texture for the toppings.


the mixed nuts were added in the middle of the tart, also on top, while the toppings also got several broken sizes.

the golden crispy rice was cute, but not bringing what fun nor joy, just again, VISUAL impact without taste!?Image

cocoa powder on top is absolutely not enough, i loved the amount on the chocolate sin cake from ruth’s chris, i need much cocoa powder to balance the usual sweetness of usual chocolate cake.

how come hk-ers love sugar that much?!!!!:(


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